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The Future of Intranasal Medication Management

Nasolution is the first smart nasal solution for the safe self-administration of intranasal medication at home


Providing Compliance Solutions

With non-adherence of medications costing the U.S. $300 billion annually, the FDA and pharmaceutical industry are calling for devices that curb abuse and improve patient compliance.


Nasolution is the answer to this call, providing both doctors and patients peace of mind. The world is shifting towards customized at-home telemedicine and it’s time the intranasal industry joins in. 

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How It Works

Our patented technology ensures safe and compliant drug delivery through its core features

Controlled  Dosing

Sealed bottle, filled by pharmacist, will only release exact dose at specified times

Tamper Resistance

Patients unable to access medication dose before scheduled times

Physician Oversight

Delivers alerts to doctors for oversight and patient adherence

Cloud Connectivity

Sends reminders to patients and monitors, collects and forwards data to physicians



Because of its dosage control, remote regulation, and monitoring, Nasolution is the perfect system for intranasal drug delivery treatments with:

Danger of Abuse

Nasolution increases safety and keeps patients accountable 

Narrow Therapeutic Window

Nasolution maintains precision and only releases the exact amount of drug prescribed to patients

Poor Compliance

Nasolution sends reminders to patients, especially helpful in elderly and long-term care facilities


Who We Are

Cross-functional team of Georgia Tech graduates

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Brandon Kleber


B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Tech

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Jacob Banov


B.S. Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Tech

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Isaac Abadi


B.S. Computer Engineering, Georgia Tech

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Advisory Board

Ward Broom, MBA

Cathaid Inc., CEO

Intent Solutions, COO

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Tom Baird, MSSM

Lobe Sciences, CEO

Mojave Jane Brands, COO

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John Krystal, MD

Yale-New Haven Hospital, Chief of Psychiatry

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We've Come a Long Way

We have been working for two years now to solve this problem that arose while investigating clinical trials for ketamine, a quickly growing antidepressant. The protocol for this intranasal administration requires patients to seek treatment in their doctor's office multiple times per week. Upon investigation, it was discovered that there is no method for patients or healthcare providers to track or monitor the administration of a given intranasal prescription. For ketamine, Nasolution aims to open a new market for patients that are unable to come in for regular treatments, thus offering them safe access to this life-saving medication that they otherwise wouldn't be able to take. 

However, further research discovered that we were just scratching the surface of this technology's applications. There are a multitude of medications administered intranasally for which similar oversight and compliance technology could seriously improve the treatment process. Opiates, sleep disorder medications, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's medications... the list of treatments that this technology will unlock to not only be delivered, but be delivered safer, goes on and on.

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